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Hoy To Attend The Fourth Scottish Bike Show

All the speculations and rumors about Sir Chris Hoy attending the Scottish Bike Show have come true. In the fourth Scottish Bike Show he will be one of the chief guests attending the event. The track cycling legend said that he is excited about the event. The 6 time Olympic gold medalist in an interview confirmed that he would be attending this event which is scheduled to start on the 5th of April.

It came as a surprise for many cycling fans because he did not attend any of the previous bike shows. In fact this year’s show will also feature many Hoy Bikes that were introduced recently and he has also been requested to try some of them. The organizers of the show are really looking forward to this season and they were ecstatic when they found out that he would be attending the show. Hundreds of names are coming for exhibitors this year and some of the popular names who have been selected are Planet X, Continental, Dolan and Pinarello.

The founder of the show Rowan Mackie believes that this year they will be trying to make the grandest show in history and with Sir Chris Hoy present they would put in that extra effort to make sure that the goal is achieved. The seats for the show are already booked for both the days and according to what the papers say this year’s show will be much bigger than previous years and it will be better as well. When asked about the Hoy Bikes for the show Rowan said that it would be a bias to only have Hoy Bikes and nothing else but it is being done for a good cause and he hopes that people would understand. The show will take place at Velodrome in Glasgow.

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Wiggins and Froome Sort Things Out

Chris Froome thinks that all the troubles that has previously been there with Sir Bradley Wiggins has been dealt with and they now have a very good relation. Chris had spent some time with Sir Bradley Wiggins lately and the two have gone on well with each other. Chris and Sir Bradley both were there at the winter training camp of Team Sky. Chris also told the Daily Mail about how Brad and him worked things out. He said that they were at the training camp at Mallorca and they have talked about a lot of things. Whatever talk they had proved to be very constructive and their relation is in a better place now than before. He admits that it was important for both of them to get things going in a positive direction and it has been done. He also said that this thing should have been done long time back but the main thing is they are back to good terms now which are all that was required.

The whole problem started in 2012 when Froome did not obey the orders that were given to him and on top of that he put his team members under pressure and also attacked during stage 11. Although Wiggins did win the tour but it was not a happy victory for all because he was upset about the fact that Team Sky was planning to make Froome the team leader for the season of 2013. Froome later said that it was the year 2012 that made all the difference for both of them. In addition to the problem was the media who played a huge role in the differences that were created between Wiggins and Froome. It was an unfortunate incident and with all the hype the matter got escalated very quickly.

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UCI Track Cycling World Cup – Manchester 2013 -Friday 1st November – Early Session

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Trott Hopeful About Manchester Track Cycling

Laura Trott, the reigning European Track Champion is hopeful about making it big in the upcoming Manchester Track Cycling UCI World Cup. The leading Brit rider is confident about her possibilities in the team pursuit and ominum of the Manchester competition.

The 1st round of 2013-14 track Cycling UCI World Cup is going to be the 1st time that team pursuit Great Britain squad would be scaled against the best of the world’s.

However, with her world record and gold medal from Apeldoorn as well as against-the-odds winner’s medal, Laura seems really positive about a strong performance at Manchester. “The Euro Championship went quite great for me. Certainly the ominum win mean struggle but then I ended up with gold”, stated Trott while reflecting on her grand feat at European Track Championships. “My leg feels pretty good now. I had few ups & downs the previous week and also at the Euros. But now I am feeling much better & it obviously feels as if I have been able to come back.”

“A win is a win, even it was just by point 4”, Trott continued stressing on albeit she Kirsten Wild ended ominum on tie yet it was the Brit who was awarded with the gold medal following the calculation of sum of timed events at the European Championship.

“I am hoping to repeat here what I did at the Euros”, Trott remarked while speaking about here aspirations regarding the World Championship. “Obviously it would be harder here as you have got the Australians, the Americans & the Chinese that certainly makes this field harder and bigger by a great extent.”

Along with Trott, the Great Britain squad for the UCI World Cup at Manchester comprises of Danu King, Katie Archibals, Elinor Barker & Joanna Rowsell. All of them had a fabulous supremacy in the team pursuit event of the European Track Championship.

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