24 thoughts on “Y163AGO must get in front of 31mph cyclist”

  1. i know what youre saying, and i understand what youre saying, but at the same time, fuck him, ya know?

  2. You’re spot on mate. It’s much the same in the UK. This cycle lane is far too narrow to use at more than 5-10mph, it’d be a rash and silly cyclist to ride that closet to the kerb at 31mph.

  3. Doh, mixed it up with a recent Audiot video. Same thing really, except this one is in a Citroen.

  4. Well, I can’t speak for the UK, but where I live, cycling lanes are usually an afterthought. Half the time there are parked cars and other assorted debris that forces the cyclist to constantly and sometimes erratically rejoin traffic. Not to mention the bike lanes that just disappear all of a sudden. It confuses drivers and cyclists. Don’t get me wrong, I usually straddle the line, when it’s safe, even when doing the speed limit. That driver could have just passed without honking.

  5. *You’re

    And clearly very few people agree with you going by all the other comments panning the idiot driver. I’m tired of your bad attitude now, so bye bye.

  6. Fail. I am in my chosen lane, and I was perfectly chilled out before some rude James Blunt in an Audi chose to act badly. Don’t drive badly, and you won’t get shamed on YouTube. Simples.

  7. Yes but my point is, who cares what anyone else is doing,if there is a cycle lane I use it,thats why this guy was beeping,he is saying get in your lane.I think some people on here need to chill out and get laid.

  8. I cycle everyday too, about 260km/wk, and I don’t see your point. If a cyclist can consistently maintain the speed limit, there is no reason for a motorist to improperly use their horn or otherwise act rudely. As a driver, I can understand the frustration of getting behind someone that is driving right on the speed limit while other traffic is moving faster but I certainly wouldn’t honk. If this cyclist had been driving a car instead, I doubt that motorist would have honked.

  9. Yeah, I’m not really sure what he’s moaning about. If I was driving my car behind a cyclist doing 30+mph I’d be quite happy to sit there and watch. I wouldn’t bother to overtake or beep, since I don’t want to be speeding.

  10. I understand what your saying but at the end of the day it’s a bicycle and NOT a car, therefor it doesn’t have to act the same way as a car would. IN MY OPINION.

  11. I just watched this video and first reaction was to say to CyclingMikey: ” Grow up, man”. But then I read comments and found that you always did it, huh.

  12. Oh, and nothing happened next, he just drove off, having realised that it’s not a good idea to misbehave further on camera.

  13. That doesn’t make me superior at all, and you probably shouldn’t leap to wild conclusions like that. I most definitely should question someone behaving as badly as this driver. The cameras are great, they mean I don’t have to be even slightly stressed.

    As for why I went in front, see comments below. The real reason is quite different to the one you imagine. Your incorrect assumptions tell us rather more about yourself than they do about me. 🙂

  14. Its the way you got back in front of him at the lights, I would like to see what happened next.Its not for you to determine how fast people are going its pointless,you are not the law and you shouldnt be questioning people on the road,just let them get on with it and do your own thing,you are just making yourself stressed for nothing.

  15. Where do you get this superior misconception? I’m simply going down the road minding my own business when some old guy chooses to drive like an anti-social James Blunt. Why does he have to beep like mad, speed, and overtake unnecessarily, instead of sharing the road like I am?

  16. I cycle every day and I have to say its people like you who are ruining cycling for all of us.You cant go around thinking you are superior to cars your just going to end up getting hurt, grow up.

  17. haha the coppers who came round about my last video joked about that,as one of them is a daily cyclists (not a one day one from centre parks) they joked when someone does that just show them the badge and scare the crap out of them. They were both really canny.

  18. I reckon the traffic is going to be an utter abortion, and I really hope I won’t be too affected since I’m on a bicycle. 🙂

  19. This guy is gonna really flip his lid if he has to drive in London when the Olympics start.One lane for Olympics,one lane for all other road users like the bus lane.I heard that´s gonna happen,is it fact? If it is true,do you think it´s going to work to ease congestion?

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