23 thoughts on “Wiggle Honda Women’s Pro Cycling Team Launch – Jan 2013”

  1. I presume they require a massage after a hard training session !! anyone know of some training courses on being a masseur !

  2. In response to Rob, a Danielle Lloyd + Daniel Lloyd presenting combo, great idea, I’m in!

    In all seriousness, we will be covering some womens teams and races throughout the season, stay tuned.

  3. GCN, are you going to be giving some decent coverage to women’s cycling over the 2013 season? How about a Daniela Lloyd (or equivalent). It could result in a more attractive presenting team 😉

  4. I hope to see the 3 olympic track girls there adapt well to the road.
    In the future it would obviously be nice to see some of them at the Giro Donne etc but all in good time i suppose.
    Wiggle seems like it should make a good sponser being so closely linked to cycling too.
    Wishing them luck!

  5. They should have written Wiggle across the arse of the shorts. Brilliant to see a new Pro team in women’s cycling, but as a sport it still needs more media interest and coverage. Women’s cycling is a great sport featuring supreme athletes , and it not it’s not exactly feminist to say it, but sex sells and women’s cycling is sexy too.

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