25 thoughts on “What defines Dutch cycling?”

  1. OMG I know where I’m moving when I’m done with University!!!! I totally loved this video thank you for sharing! I have to master on how to ride my bike with an umbrella.

  2. You can get them from me, but just not with an umbrella haha. Actually, I never use an umbrella while cycling, I prefer a rain coat.

  3. I even study for a test while cycling sometimes and still keep watch of what’s happening around me. Indeed, nothing too shocking haha:)

  4. I have several bikes to use (we mostly share at home), and with my mountainbike I take speed up to about 35 km/h. And yes, even on the cycle paths. There is no official limit for cyclists, but if you’re riding a motorbike (with speed limit 45 km/h), you are obliged to take the main road. With my ‘normal’ bike, I mostly cycle about 25 km/h.

  5. Well, we have a very simple solution for that: Let it happen when kids are young and it will never happen again. It hurts, sure, but you’ll never let that happen again. Besides, this only goes for males, women always hop on sideways. I’ve actually never seen it happening to someone that their foot got caught.

  6. Getting stuck in the wheel is not a big problem. With the amazone position the bigger danger (for me personally) is getting a small accident or sudden stop and tilting over towards your back-side. A position with one leg each side will allow you to hop off no matter which side the bike is tilting to.
    The only dangerous riding I saw in the vid was texting during riding. The other stuff you just have to come and try 🙂

  7. Hahahahaha, you just gave me the best idea ever.
    Next time, i just jump on the back of a random person’s bike, and tell them where they can drop me off:)

  8. We dont use a helmet! We have special parts on the road just for bikes, so we don’t really need them. I have to ride 5 km to school every day, and it really safe!

  9. i’m dutch and i need to ride 15 km to school every day and we ride with 4 or 5 people next to each other!

  10. Actually I was once offered to “hop on” by a complete stranger woman, who saw me running to a tram stop. This nice lady gave me a ride on her bike to catch my tram. That can happen in Holland as well. 🙂

  11. the last example is the most dangerous of all.
    the one with riding on the back is really safe and i have never heard of an accident which occured and where someone god a serious injury.
    the last example is dangerous because the cycling paths are made with one bicycle in mind, so with two bikes you take up more space and usually drive on the road meant for cars.

  12. All of them except that last example seem dangerous riding to me. Especially riding on the back of a bike sideways where perhaps your heel can get caught in the back wheel spokes. This comment is from an American perspective.

  13. So cycling next to someone or with someone on the back of your bike is considered weird by foreigners…. wooo that’s weird haha

  14. We don’t really need them. The trafic infrastructure has been designed in a way that cars and cyclists are mostly separated from each other: cyclists have their own bike lanes, traffic lights and signs. Result: other traffic users are aware of them and know what to expect from them. Besides, most car users are cyclists themselves and therefore can predict how cyclists act and move in traffic.

  15. Some of my husbands’ friends can go even faster than 50 km/h!! I just started biking on a racing bike a few months ago, and 42 has been my maximum speed so far. I can go 31 for a longer period of time.

    What’s a paceline?

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