25 thoughts on “Tour De France Highlights + Simon’s Epic Fail – GCN Cycling News Show Ep. 82”

  1. So far this is the best news show episode!
    BTW what happened to his neck brace?

  2. Great fun in this week’s +Global Cycling Network news. Love the banter
    about Simon’s prediction , the surnames pronunciation and the impressions
    (Thomas Voeckler’s is spot on).

  3. Caption of the week:
    “Can I go win a polka dot jersey? I really need one, but first, let me take
    a selfie”

  4. Caption of the week “Contemplate the photo of the winner of the Vuelta this
    year s****ers!”

  5. Not sure if ‘brilliant’ is the right word to describe this years TDF.
    Personally, I thought that it was the most boring and uneventful for years,
    with any close rivals pulling out.

  6. Pantani, hands down. Shower cap = bandana. Second one Contador with Schleck
    behind haha

  7. Great work guys. +Global Cycling Network Do you know the images for the
    leaders of the Strava Club (as they slide in an out) were backwards for
    Climbing and Longest ride leaders?

  8. Caption: “Nibali and Majka are behind me? Quick, hand me that camera,
    King of the Mountains here I come!”

  9. Caption: “If I get the Arc De Triomphe in the picture it’ll look like I’m
    on the podium, si?”

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