17 thoughts on “Top Gear Australia – Cyclists”

  1. Exactly… not the driver nor the rider seem to know how to share the road. I hate rules but we need some guidelines. Courtesy should prevail for both sides. I cycle and fear for my life most days. All I want to do is get to work safely. Blame the Government

  2. @ttmor You can see the roads are blocked in the background of some shots and the same cars are used throughout.

  3. Cyclists are not all angels on the road, just as all drivers are not complete morons. A piece of satire such as this just goes towards widening the gap between all road users, not jus cyclists and motorists.

  4. Now you could say that this is just entertainment and the scenes are staged, after all they will have received permission to (safely) drive around like idiots. At least I hope they did.

  5. @MrSmartBig

    Thank you. Very true.

    I’m also glad the cyclist in the group redeemed the cyclists by stating how sometimes they’re doing things completely legal.

  6. I’m sorry – I’m a cyclist and this is pure brilliance – as not all cyclists are like this and even me as a cyclist gets annoyed with some idiots of cyclists

  7. I don’t live in Oz but do speak as a cyclist and there are cyclist who ride like that everywhere. They give a bad name to cyclists.

    But even if they do ride well there is nothing cyclists can do about drivers who just can’t see out of that glass thing in front of them. If a cyclist pulls away too slow they will get shunted across the road. That’s why cyclist are a bit aggressive or nervous sometimes. People don’t ride with the intention of getting run over.

  8. Pedestrians break the rules all the time too. Cross against the lights, cross late and hold up traffic, walk in the street etc. It doesn’t bother us though because we’re all pedestrians at some stage.

  9. @MrSmartBig This comment here people ^^^ Read before you post cause I just deleted 50 comments of utter crap.

  10. Oh please, I am a cyclist and this is a bit of tongue in check. It is very accurate depiction of the few but not of the majority. Get a sense of humor.

  11. @saturnGEEK
    If they’re on the road, cyclists do not have the right of way.
    On the road, they count as road users, which means they must also obey each and every traffic law.

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