Ever since sportsman David Millar turned professional back in 1997, a lot has changed in the world of cycling, and it is not just him either.

Millar had arrived the cycling scene as a 20-year-old talented sportsman which so much promise and after 17 tough years of challenging times and extraordinary victories, he prepares to make his exit as an accomplished professional.

Millar has been through quite a substantial number of ups, down in his career, and has come out to say that riding may not just be a part of his identity anymore.

In an interview with the Guardian, Miller said: Continue reading “MILLAR ENDS HIS CAREER AT A LOCAL RIDE”

Hoy To Attend The Fourth Scottish Bike Show

All the speculations and rumors about Sir Chris Hoy attending the Scottish Bike Show have come true. In the fourth Scottish Bike Show he will be one of the chief guests attending the event. The track cycling legend said that he is excited about the event. The 6 time Olympic gold medalist in an interview confirmed that he would be attending this event which is scheduled to start on the 5th of April.

It came as a surprise for many cycling fans because he did not attend any of the previous bike shows. In fact this year’s show will also feature many Hoy Bikes that were introduced recently and he has also been requested to try some of them. The organizers of the show are really looking forward to this season and they were ecstatic when they found out that he would be attending the show. Hundreds of names are coming for exhibitors this year and some of the popular names who have been selected are Planet X, Continental, Dolan and Pinarello.

The founder of the show Rowan Mackie believes that this year they will be trying to make the grandest show in history and with Sir Chris Hoy present they would put in that extra effort to make sure that the goal is achieved. The seats for the show are already booked for both the days and according to what the papers say this year’s show will be much bigger than previous years and it will be better as well. When asked about the Hoy Bikes for the show Rowan said that it would be a bias to only have Hoy Bikes and nothing else but it is being done for a good cause and he hopes that people would understand. The show will take place at Velodrome in Glasgow.

Retirement decision on the cards, thinks Chris Hoy

Sir Chris Hoy is without any doubt the greatest cyclist of Britain. He has received enormous supports and salutes following his sixth gold medal in 2012 London Olympics. With seven overall medals in Olympic, Hoy became the all time inspiration for all British young cyclists. But you cannot undermine the age factor, especially when you an athlete. Same goes with Hoy also, and now he has started thinking to get his feet off the paddle!

The most successful British Olympian recently gave a bite where he expressed his wish to win the Commonwealth gold medal in 2014. Sir Hoy, the first ambassador of Glasgow 2014, desires to end his career after participating at the Glasgow 2014 cycling event which will take place at Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome. Hoy felt lucky to be chosen the ambassador for Glasgow 2014 and asserted that it was a great honor, too. Sir Hoy hasn’t yet started with his training schedules but he said that it would probably the greatest achievement for him to finish his career after competing in the velodrome which bears his name.

The 36-year-old Scot will be joining the British team for training soon, but he won’t be competing at the World Championship which will take place in Minsk in February. He admits that he wants to give his career a perfect finish after taking part in the 2014 Commonwealth but at the same time he hopes that his body condition allows him to do so!

Sir Hoy is not interested in coaching as he thinks it is not his cup of tea. He says once he becomes a coach he will have to train those cyclists who have been his teammates or contemporaries. The other thing that seems to bother Chris Hoy is the kind of time and commitment required for coaching. He feels that a coach has to give more time in a practice session than the athletes themselves. And he is of the opinion that all good athletes do not make a good coach.