26 thoughts on “Silly Cyclists – Episode 31”

  1. These are exactly the type of dum cunts that I would love to run over in my Ford F250! I wanna hear the crunching of bikes, bones, and helmets as those wheels go over the top of a whole bunch of these dum cunts! If nobody sees it, I still might stop, reverse over the top of them back and fourth a few times, just to make sure the job is done right! CUNTS! GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY WAY – COMIN’ THROUGH

  2. @sillycyclists Is there a sign to suggest as much around there? Only signs I’ve seen are the one denoting shared use just outside the MI6 building (and on the thames path under Vauxhall Bridge) and one forbidding cycling east of Westminster bridge. Maybe my highway code knowledge isn’t up to scratch! Presence of bike hire bikes also suggests shared usage, no? Still don’t think his speed was excessive – he actually stopped pedalling when passing pedestrians. I don’t THINK it was me by the way!..

  3. @billstrange Not quite, the shared use ends just before the pedestrian crossing, both cyclists joined the pavement where the shared use ends. Even if it was shared use, still a very silly thing to do!

  4. Re: 2nd clip – that is a shared use, “considerate cycling permitted” pavement. Seemed to be very few pedestrians present so cyclist did nothing wrong. Alleviate traffic on busy road if anything…

  5. I’ve seen silly cyclist number 10 several times cycling the wrong way up the A47 in the past. At first I thought “it looks like that guy” then realised it was the junction further up the road.

  6. @gaz545 sorry, number 7…at Lambeth Bridge going East on the Embankment. The problem is that the stupid CS8 guides people into the left of the road. As a driver I pull right into the kerb, as a cyclist I go all the way to the right.

  7. @NotVeryBlue We can’t say if the care entered it illegal or who was there first.
    If a car is in the ASL then you shouldn’t enter it and stop next to it. If you are the first to the ASL then you should position your self in the center of it (lane wise) to prevent cars from positioning them selves as such. The cyclist in question in this clip appeared after the car had been stationary for quite some time and then proceeded to undertake it just before a junction, very silly!

  8. @sillycyclists Surely this series of videos is going to vindicate people who feel this way about cyclists:

    Excellent! Great to have you back! I have found myself shouting and bawling at cyclists who pulls up beside me when i’m turning left while indicating. Should I be mad at it?


  9. Number 3, the two cyclists alongside the left turning car. They were both in the ASL and the car had encroached into it. Surely they weren’t in the wrong?

  10. Number 2. Yet another problem with the CS8! If you turn left at this junction into Lupus street and follow the old cycle route, well, it is much much safer. All along the embankment there are super dangerous left turns (east bound) and I routinely see cyclists undertaking cars turning left – which have been forced to stay out of the lane by compulsory markings. In places (Battersea) there are compulsory cycle lanes next to parked cars! How do you get in or out! Bad design aids bad cycling

  11. Number 6. It is illegal to carry a passenger on a bike made for one, with a penalty upto £2500. Number 4, the raised kerb which doesn’t allow for cyclists is being installed all over Picadilly/ St. James’. Increased danger. Expect injury and delay to vehicles who can’t overtake bikes safely.

  12. The problem with the junction at number 10 is that the stupid CS8 guides people into the left of the road. As a driver I pull right into the kerb, as a cyclist I go all the way to the right

  13. The Gaz is back!Still amazes me the stuff some cyclists get up to.Number 8 is man of steel for sure!

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