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  1. You are correct that if you use a “thicker” winter sock the shoe will be
    too tight. So if that is your application you may want to size up. Though I
    recommend using the same sock year round and using different types of shoe
    covers to keep the piggies warm. As for the foot swelling. Most people have
    few issues with foot swelling on the bike. But if that is an issue for you
    then you should size up a bit. Just be careful not to have your foot
    floating in the shoe. Does this help?

  2. hey there. I have a really hard time because my left foot is a full
    european size higher than my right foot. (47 and 48, respectively.) I
    purchased the specialized 74s because they’re made out of kangaroo leather,
    which apparently stretches out a bunch and I bought them in 47. the left
    foot is right up to the end almost, but maybe there’s a millimeter. my plan
    is to wear them around the office without cleats for a bit to stretch them
    out before riding. what are your thoughts here?

  3. @javaruke Thanks for the question. Your toes should not be touching the end
    of the shoe. They should be very close and if you wiggle your toes you may
    be able to just touch the end. Does this help?

  4. Thank you for this excellent video. So, a “road” cycling shoe should fit
    your feet tighter than any other shoe you put on your feet. What about MTB

  5. @Firewalker5264 Yes. Though I would say that it is rare for cyclists to get
    PF from riding. The most important remedy is supporting the arch with a
    custom foot orthotic or at least a high quality off the shelf insole.

  6. Thanks for such a clear and helpful video. I am having issues with my toes
    and balls of my feet going numb- do you think this is likely to be caused
    by the shoes or should I try adjusting other elements of the bike fit?
    Thanks in advance for any tips.

  7. What are those shoes that your holding in the video and how much are they.
    So the shoe should be tight but not so tight that they feel uncomfortable
    and cut off circulation. Kind of like a snow ski boot.

  8. Is the shoe supposed to be snug throughout the whole foot? I tried on
    several pairs of cycling shoes and it feels nice and snug around the heel
    and ankle, even somewhat on top of the foot, but is roomy where my toes
    are. The problem for me is that size 47 seems to work with the size of my
    foot, but my big toe pushed against the front of the shoe. Size 48 is good
    in length, but generally feels a little roomy around the toes. I wear size
    13 walking/running shoes and they fit just fine.

  9. I just got some new cycling shoes and pedals for my bike but im having
    trouble getting used to clipping into them and not getting hurt i already
    fell over on a trail and im wondering if you have any tips about how to get
    used to clicking into the pedals. im Using specialized comp road shoes with
    Look Keo classic pedals and cleats

  10. Thanks for your speedy response. Looking into your suggestions. Again many
    thanks. From wales.

  11. Barrie, Sounds about right. But make sure it feels good. Also you will want
    to use a supportive insole

  12. I bought a new pair and my toes are touching the end of the shoe, should I
    go a size larger?

  13. WOW – what a video; this is SOO SOO right everything this man says is SOO
    totally correct !!! Soo many riders ive seen talk about cycling shoes ie
    ‘oh you need a bigger shoe – you need plenty of space…’ etc… Play this
    film a few times coz its just very very right !!!

  14. @TheDjed19 That sounds very large. If they are “walkable” cycling shoes you
    may want a little extra space but certainly not 1.5 inces.

  15. thanks for the video . I bought some lake tahoe cycling shoes , my first
    ever pair , was worried about width as i have slightly wider foot , did an
    hour on them on bike in gym to try out , was ok and foot didnt fall asleep
    and could wiggle toes , altho red down both sides of both feet i attribute
    that to them being new . Do you still experience redness down sides of your
    feet ? – its not sore just due to snug fit i guess . Good video though ,
    set my mind at rest

  16. @antonystevensmusic “hot foot” is usually a support issue. If you are a
    pronator then likely you don’t have appropriate arch support. Look for an
    off the shelf supportive insole like the ones in the video. The supports in
    your shoes are not doing the job. While a wider shoe may help it is not
    really fixing the cause. This help?

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