25 thoughts on “Pro Cycling Manager 2012 – career – part 1”

  1. could you tell me: are the times between like head of the race and the peloton, or when you finish a mountain stage a bit more realistic? or is there still a huge difference?

  2. did you drive sprints for graypel and who is you favorite ridder im big fan of you pcm 2012 videos

  3. yes he is but i dont understand why orcia greenedge drive for him and not for gerrans

  4. i don’t know xD
    probably cause i thought that hansen didn’t have a chance in the end

  5. Yeah, true same here, i couldn’t find any tutorials, and a LOT of players have questions online in the Armada mode, and general questions about technical stuff, like the stats, water, energy gels, where can you see who is your leader when you play online etc etc. I would love to know that too!

  6. I LOVE that game, just got it on steam too, but why the hell isn’t there ANY tutorial whatsoever?? How can i possibly play and learn all the basics? Is there any hidden menus somewhere? Like what are all the stats? can you select all your team and slide one cursor for them all? Also i lost many races because i never know when to give water bottles, and how come sometimes i press one time and the whole team gets water, and the next time i press like 20 times and only one gets water 🙁

  7. Nice video.

    I see, you pc can the huge graphics of pro cycling manager 2012 on.
    Is your pc a desktop of a laptop. Wich pc dou jou recommend for playing the game.

  8. There isn’t any tutorials for 2012 yet but 2011 is good enough when you are a new player – so these are from 2011 🙂

  9. I know you asked for something you can read but I couldn’t find anything so here’s some vids.
    I couldn’t find any Mountain tutorial that was up to date so here’s a gameplay you can watch: /watch?v=kvO8Iff_zmU
    Sprint tutorial: /watch?v=FW3jGvCroMM
    Team Time Trial: /watch?v=PZV8y1uDamY

    Hope it helped 🙂

  10. hey nice video man 😀
    what kinda program do you use to record this, Because i wanna record my own PCM 2006 games


  11. okay, I will try and form a few questions to you… either here on the chat? or as a PM. many thanks for giving me the time 🙂

  12. I know how you feel 🙂
    the first time i played a game of the pro cycling manager series i couln’t understand either
    but after a while you start to know how all things work and how you can make your tactics etc.
    i will try and help you but i’m not sure how cause the game is a little bit difficult to explain :p
    and no i don’t know any tutorials on youtube 🙁 srry

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