9 thoughts on “Pro Cycling Manager 2011 Gameplay Commentary Le Tour de France 2011 Stage 20”

  1. @atbondorf Last year we had “random form” on. This year we didn’t. And with the DB we played with Andy had 73, Cadel 76 and Contador 77. Maybe Contador had a -5 day, maybe Andy had a +5 day.

  2. It has been very funny and exciting to follow but I have a question: How can Andy end up number number 2 on the time trial with only 70? In front of Contador with 77? (as I remember it) 🙂

    And Armstrong’s skills in the mountains last year were also very good despite he only had about 76 or something like that in the mountains!

  3. Wish Andy Schleck rode this well in the time trial in real life. Great Tour guys! Can’t wait until the next one!

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