Tour de California

The 2013 edition of the Tour de California has come to an end and the organizers of the event are patting themselves of their backs for the good job that they have done. One of the biggest tasks undertaken by the organizers was crafting the south to north course that challenged to road racers on all the eight days of the event.

Sports managing partner of Medalist Sports Jim Birrell, while talking to the media said that the organizers had responded to the feedbacks that they had gathered from the riders and the team directors when they have planning on the route. The north to south route had two quite hilly opening stages and the number of windswept transitional stages was three, a relatively difficult and long time trial which was followed by the inaugural Northern California summit finish on the Diablo Mountain and a Santa Rosa fast finish.

Birrell told the media that the very fact that there was a different stage winner each day until the concluding day of the race itself spoke a lot about the competition and the courses were on daily basis.

During the Tour de California, the show put up by the Continental teams stood out and for the very first time in the history of the event a member of a Continental team- Jamis-Hagnes Berman along with Acevedo ound a place in the top three. The domestic Continental teams did pretty well and earned as many as three podium performance. These performances by the Continental teams will be extremely instrumental in helping them get invites for the other major races of the Medalist including the Tour of Alberta, the Tour of Utah and USA Pro Cycling Challenge which is scheduled to take place in Colorado.

The results of Jamis-Hanges Berman will be a big morale booster for the team.

Betting on cycling events

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The world of cycling is massive though, so with so many different events happening at any one time you may just think of road races such as the Tour de France when you think of people competitively riding bikes. But there are so many other types of events, such as the exciting Mountain Biking events where only the most skilled riders can complete the course in order to take home the win. There are also indoor cycling events held in velodromes, which contain a large wooden track that is at an angle from the floor. The races that take place there are usually fast paced and incredibly close often coming down to tenths of a second between competitors.

So next time you are looking for a cycling event to watch and place a bet on don’t forget that there is more to cycling than just road races. Events are taking place all around the world where ever you can ride a bike someone is probably trying to race it too.

Crusher 3

Crusher, the unique off-road bike race would be on its 3rd edition this year which is supposed to start from the coming July. The road/dirt cycle race would start from 13th of July and assured to be unusual and challenging much like its previous two seasons. The point-to-point 69.9 mile race through Tushar mountains (Utah) would consist of over 10,500 ft. mounting on dirt-fire road & equal-parts pavement & would reach up to an elevation of about 11,000 ft.

As per the reports, there would be ten race categories. Burke Swindlehurst, the race organizer assured that all the competitors in the race are permitted to race with any sort of bike as per their compatibility factor for the race course. However, there’s only one caveat-the participants won’t be allowed to change the bikes anytime during the race.

Swindlehurst remarked that since the Crusher race is gaining high momentum these days, he is expecting a lot of animators from earlier editions to return in the pro/open categories, along with fresh faces. Amidst the premier names from the earlier editions, the most expected names are Tyler Wren, men’s two time pro/open winner and Gretchen Reeves, women’s pro/open champion from last year.

“There is actually nothing as this, since it does not follow any particularly specific sort of discipline or rider”, stated Swindlehurst. “Mother Nature has her own part to play here. We had dry and hot conditions in our earliest edition & it was raining frequently in the last year leading to cool temperature and huge muddy areas. So, it’s always a unique race demanding a blend of skills & thoughtful selection of equipments”.

However, the race being non-USAC sanctioned, was having the problem of non-participation of the UCI-licensed riders – yet the said issue is being averted for now.

Crusher race has recently granted the permission (from the land-management bodies) of increasing size of field from 350-500 spots.