Team Sky Boss recent statement light the fire of hatred among British supporters

The team Sky boss Sir Dave Brailsford is one of the biggest master minds in the world of cycling. With his skills and understanding he created the British cycling team Sky. His dream was to build a team of British origin which can win the events. He is one of the superstars of the cycling committee in England. The Fans till date treated him as the superstar of the British cycling but with the recent interview given to the media has made him one of the most hate villains of cycling in British. In the recent press release Dave came out speaking that he really want to see a French rider win the famous Tour de France. He believes that last year a British origin rider won this grand tour but his real dream is to see a French rider win this famous cycling event

According to his statements his one of the biggest dream to see a French rider win it and it is his next aim to establish a rider from France who can go up to win the tour. Davis is known to build the racing team named as Sky. He clearly stated that he would be happy when a French origin rider will win this race. The statement from the Sky team boss came in the middle of the ongoing tour de France which started this weekend in the city of Yorkshire. These statements lighted up fire of hatred in the hearts of the people of Britain. He was the man responsible for the cycling success in Olympics and also the man behind two back to back tour successes. In the current tour the team Sky is one of the favourites to win it. The tour currently is in the final stages of the British leg and will end up in the capital of Britain.

End Of The Road For Greipel

Despite dashboard cameras being added at Gent-Wevelgem to bring more colours in for television coverage, it was André Greipel’s dead pan face that garnered the day’s biggest impression. Greipel must have been picturing himself at the podium on his way to the finish. He had managed to get through the final cull on the Kemmelberg. Accompanying him towards Wevelgem was four Lotto-Belisol teammates part of the 50-strong leading group. The issue with the Classics is that things are always uncertain. Uncertainty is inevitable. And it was a surprise for sure, the way Greipel fell. He crashed to the floor flowing Tyler Farrar. It was obvious that it was the end of the race for him. But this wasn’t it. It was the end of the Classics Campaign as well as he broke his collarbone in the crash.

He was put into the passenger seat of the team car, where with an expressionless face he asked to be taken to the finish line. It was necessary to get him to a hospital. The entireatmosphere was solemn as the bus crossed the finish line. The team manager expressed his disappointment in the fact that the victory could not be grabbed by his team. Greipel had seemed to pass the hardest part when he crossed the summit of Kemmelberg. He had only 40 kilometres to go. After boarding the bus Greipel’s team manager, Marc Sergeant affirmed that it was the end of the line for Greipel concerning the Classics Campaign as his collarbone was fractured for sure.

He claimed that they tried everything possible to get with André to the finale and they were successful in the sense that in the finale there were five men for him. It was all going very smoothly until Greipel fell and crashed. From there it went downhill.

Hoy To Attend The Fourth Scottish Bike Show

All the speculations and rumors about Sir Chris Hoy attending the Scottish Bike Show have come true. In the fourth Scottish Bike Show he will be one of the chief guests attending the event. The track cycling legend said that he is excited about the event. The 6 time Olympic gold medalist in an interview confirmed that he would be attending this event which is scheduled to start on the 5th of April.

It came as a surprise for many cycling fans because he did not attend any of the previous bike shows. In fact this year’s show will also feature many Hoy Bikes that were introduced recently and he has also been requested to try some of them. The organizers of the show are really looking forward to this season and they were ecstatic when they found out that he would be attending the show. Hundreds of names are coming for exhibitors this year and some of the popular names who have been selected are Planet X, Continental, Dolan and Pinarello.

The founder of the show Rowan Mackie believes that this year they will be trying to make the grandest show in history and with Sir Chris Hoy present they would put in that extra effort to make sure that the goal is achieved. The seats for the show are already booked for both the days and according to what the papers say this year’s show will be much bigger than previous years and it will be better as well. When asked about the Hoy Bikes for the show Rowan said that it would be a bias to only have Hoy Bikes and nothing else but it is being done for a good cause and he hopes that people would understand. The show will take place at Velodrome in Glasgow.