Nicole Cooke, former world and Olympic champion made her skepticism of the declaration by Team Sky’s that it was the cleanest team in cycling known as she went on to ask some pertinent questions concerning British Cycling, Team Sky and Bradley Wiggins.

Cooke made mention of back in 2011 when a mystery package was transported to Wiggins, and his use of his therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs) as well, saying that she felt uneasy about the whole arrangement.

Cooke said: “Taking TUEs just before major events, it raises questions for me. It makes me skeptical of what they have done.”

She was referring to the use of a powerful corticosteroid by Wiggins before the Tours de France in 2011 and 2012, and the 2013 edition of the Girod’Italia.

She also fired some shots at Principal Dave Brailsford who claimed not to know what his riders were treated with.

“I find the stance of being the cleanest team and yet the team principal Brailsford not knowing what the riders are being treated with [strange].”

Cooke in her submission made to the select committee, volunteered information concerning her past use of certain substances.

According to her, in November 2003, a knee injury led to the decision allowing her to make use of the corticosteroid triamcinolone rather than undergo knee surgery.

The use of the medication was not successful and she had to undergo surgery in May 2004. Despite getting a TUE granting her permission to make use of the medication, she didn’t race for months after taking it.

Being injected the substance once again in September 2007, she didn’t compete again for five months.

Confessions from previous dopers such as Jorg Jaksche, David Millar and Michael Rasmussen revealed that they used corticosteroids under false pretenses so as to avail themselves of its benefits.