25 thoughts on “My Strange Addiction- The Obsessive Cyclist”

  1. Seriously dudee ? Get a life . You pee in a bottle like a hobo when U have a bathroom right there . Juust wow .

  2. He could do a lot of good cycling for charity- I hope he incorporates that into this whole deal.

  3. -Why doesn’t he ride his bike to work?
    -He should like travel the world or something instead of sitting in his ‘man cave’

  4. At least this addiction is not weird and disgusting. He enjoys it and its healthy just let him do his thing, but when you have to use the head cmon man go to the bathroom.

  5. @MrPlatinum11 Please see my video (above) and you will see that I’m not fast enough for the Tour, but am patient enough for the Race Across America…thx

  6. two thoughts #1 this guy mus be super healthy and #2. how come he hasn’t done the tour de france yet, he would be able to get some endorsment deals

  7. Fortunately, the doc who diagnosed the bone-on-bone missed the reason I’ve been limping, iliopsoas tendinitis (IT), and since the show, the limp is almost gone as I manage IT through stretching and strengthening. – Tom Seabourne, Ph.D.

  8. Tom Seabourne, Ph.D., the rider in this video, is an ultra distance cyclist. He finished 10th in the Race Across America and holds a Guinness World Record along with several ultra distance cycling records.

  9. its not healthy to bike 8 hours a day :s i’d say about 2-3 hours a day of exercise is good cause thats all you need a day to keep healthy 😉

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