Ever since sportsman David Millar turned professional back in 1997, a lot has changed in the world of cycling, and it is not just him either.

Millar had arrived the cycling scene as a 20-year-old talented sportsman which so much promise and after 17 tough years of challenging times and extraordinary victories, he prepares to make his exit as an accomplished professional.

Millar has been through quite a substantial number of ups, down in his career, and has come out to say that riding may not just be a part of his identity anymore.

In an interview with the Guardian, Miller said:

“The irony is that I no longer fit in, the team has become quite a large part of an identity for every rider; before, a rider would transcend the team. It’s become robotic. I liked the dysfunctionality, the cultness, the randomness. Obviously that led to the criminal aspect, the corruption, the madness, but I didn’t know that when I fell in love with it.”

Millar had just concluded his last registered race at the world championship when finally decided to bring a close to what has been a wonderful career and time well spent on the track. His last event was one of his most challenging as Millar had participated while nursing an injury he had sustained in the at the vuelta a espania.

“I’m going to get my head kicked in. I’ve never done a hill climb before, I’m riding with a broken hand and I can hardly get out of the saddle,” Millar said.

After he announced his retirement back in 2013, he proceeded to make the most out of his last season on the bike but undoubtedly, the year had several difficulties for him.