25 thoughts on “L’Etape du Tour 2011 – Recon Cycling DVD Trailer”

  1. Simplemente hermoso este video! GRACIAS por hacerme tan feliz.

    If I could give you 1000 or a million thumbs up, I would! JUST BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Quisiera saber cual de los dos lados es el que se usó para grabar este magnifico video, estoy enganchado a estos videos de cycleflim Creo que es el lado más sencillo el del lautaret???

  3. @46AHA Vamos Alberto Contador! ni las personas del sillon de culo gordo que quieren sancionarte por 0,00000000000005 gr de clembuterol podran contigo! es hora de la justicia! Vamos Alberto! Nº1!

  4. time for Alberto Contador! Cmon Alberto! Vamos Alberto! it’s time to conquer those mountains, it is time for a hard war

  5. van-to-tij.blogspot.com

    just 5 guys doing a charity cycle ride, 1,800 miles, vancouver to mexico, its for a great cause, please just give the website a look i would really appreciate it 🙂 like this comment? thank you everyone!

  6. i would’ve subscribed if you hadn’t had the poor taste to ruin your own video by leaving a distracting in-your-face PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!!! message on the screen — even in full screen mode. Tacky!

  7. Man, this must be one of the most epic cycling videos i’ve seen in youtube.
    Great scenery, great roads, great rider.

    Overall a pretty damn good video.

  8. @Timothyjazz – It’s a Cannondale Factory Racing thermal jacket (nice and toasty!). The gillet is part of the Cannondale “Good Fight” kit. Ride safe (and warm!)

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