24 thoughts on “Indonesians turn to cycling to beat traffic”

  1. Jakarta is the worst city in the world for traffic and public transportation management. All hell’s breaks loose before and after office hours. The corrupt government systems don’t really care for what happened. What awesome here is some of Jakarta’s people don’t just complaint. They don’t want to be trapped helplessly in the traffic, wasting their time and money. The took action for themselves. They bike-to-work. Cool!

  2. may be we (cyclist) cannot go faster, but we can go everywhere without facing bad traffic jam. proud to be part of Bike To Work Indonesia. 🙂

  3. Biking is amazing for you health! I’m going to start doing it once I get a new bike. Mines was stolen.

  4. @jason022182 I have been in philippines and Indonesia and anybody that have been there know the corruption is so high that nothing will change and any plan for a metro system will be unsafe when a major disaster hit.

    i also have to add that the mind set of the people of Philippines and Indonesia are so use to corruption and bribery to the point that there don’t even notice it, specially when it come to themselves.

  5. diff people keep saying a “metro” subway rail system would fix all the traffic probs in jkt, you all have to consider it floods every time it rains good, that and we have earthquakes every so often, small ones and bigger ones, the tubs would flood each time it rains and if the was a decent earthquake the tubs could collapse or become damaged to a point it would be to unsafe for people to be in.

  6. there is NO metro in Jakarta which is a shame, the government should invest in subway for the people

  7. @bbenjoe A bike is faster on short distances, a bike lane is a lot cheaper than a metro/tram/maglev lane

  8. @shockermethod I think it’s more incompetence, than conspiracy. They post private videos by mistake sometimes, too.

  9. @pinball281 Right? They disable the comments on the vids we want to comment on the most lol

  10. Smart idea!!! but I wonder when will governments of developing countries understand the value of these simple and smart ideas…..

  11. @pinball281 Check out their main site, they talk about how much they want to know what we think. Sometimes if they don’t like the way comments are going, they delete them all and disable them. I think the bottom line is that it’s owned by a big fat billionaire in Qatar that uses it to try to influence the world.

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