Ian Bibby from NFTO Pro has reportedly emerged as the winner in the first round of Chorley GP and impressed everybody with a thrilling performance at the last few kilometers of the race.

The NFTO rider, who stays quite close to the Preston race track, crossed the finishing line all alone after he & his team-mate Dunbar (Eddie) attacked in the last few miles.

Both of them were part of this eighteen-rider break that went pretty clear on Rivington climb while they tacked 3rd of 5 laps yet it was not till the last climb of the same hill when that decisive move surfaced.

18-year-old Irish Dunbar came up with a  tough attack & flew up to the hill, afar from leading break & leaving just Bibby & Raleigh-GAC rider Steve Lampier in touch.

Three of them came together yet Bibby was ahead of them, flying off Eddie’s wheel to secure the victory. Lampier came up with the 2nd position & Morgan Kneisky from the same team took the 3rd place.

“When we got to bottom of last climb, Eddie asked me about my goal & I am pretty aware that he shoots like rocket uphill & hence I told Eddie to hit the riders hard!”, stated Bibby.

“As Lampier was chasing him, I rode with him & was feeling quite comfortable. I glanced back & found that there’re just 2 of us & hence our best possible chance was to reach Eddie & really commit. Eddie kind of killed himself & sacrificed for me. He has performed incredibly well for his 1st year”, continued the winner.

“I live just 10 minutes away & hence there was this additional motivation for a great performance.”