25 thoughts on “HTC Casual Cyclists – Natalie”

  1. It’s funny how this video has more views than the other ‘HTC Casual Cyclist’ videos put together. It must be the girl.

  2. Good luck to all living correct for all of life.

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  3. lol she lied about the last photo she took she paused and switched responses at that moment something tells me she was sexting and she sent him a pic of the “garden”

  4. This is cool. You should just go to the street and make videos more often. These Tour de France riders are all arrogant loosers, you see from the interviews.

  5. loool… HTC, i suggest you also write “tits” in the tags, right after “girl”… that would get you A LOT of views…. because, you know, all Americans are perverts 😀

  6. cycling app would be nice. Especially the one that would show shortest route from a to b, also showing not only car roads but bycicle lanes that cars don’t go etc., and how much actually I have cycle per day. I am casual cyclist that would be really useful!

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