21 thoughts on “How To Stretch For Cycling – With IAM Pro Cycling”

  1. It’s Fustra training. You are not suppose to be able to mimic the moves by´╗┐ watching a vid from a youtube. If they would decide to post a longer vid with better explonations, you wouldn’t still be able to do the exercises on your own without a Fustra trainer helping you. Trust me.

  2. All´╗┐ the people who disliked the video should hit the dislike button too!

  3. Agree with every other´╗┐ comment. If the intention was to instruct then you failed. Can we have a longer edit?

  4. I thought you were just running through them and´╗┐ then you were going to come back and show how to do each one…then suddenly the vid is over???

  5. Totally´╗┐ useless video. I agree with others, you have some great videos, and they’re getting better, but this is just ridiculous.

  6. Way too fast. Couldn’t you have spent more than´╗┐ 1 second per stretch? Your other videos are excellent and take multiple angle shots to show the correct technique.

  7. Great exercises! Can you post more detailed videos of´╗┐ each one? It’s hard to really get an idea of good form with such brief shots of positioning. Thanks!

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