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  1. Knee pain is a common problem for cyclists. Here are our tips on preventing

  2. I got a question about knee problems: I’ve been cycling for some years now,
    never had any problems. But last summer, after a long ride in the French
    Alps, I suddenly had really bad pain in my right knee. The pain is on the
    right side of my right knee and it flows down a bit. My knee only hurst
    during cycling. Running, or any other sport is no problem at all. Now I
    haven’t changed any of my gear, shoes, bike settings etc. The pain has
    become a lot less since the summer, but long rides tend to get painful. The
    pain isn’t going away completely. Does anyone have experience with these
    kind of problems?

  3. QUESTION : Does NOT shaving your legs during the winter count as an extra
    layer to keep your legs warm ? 

  4. I used to get knee pain alot thats until I had a cleat/shoe fitting. My
    feet were straight or parallel with the frame and after my fit they now
    slightly point outwards. Hever had knee problems since.

  5. Manufacturers really should stop making zero float cleats because the knee
    isn’t a pure hinge joint. The tibia has to rotate slightly throughout knee
    flexion and extension. As far as crank length goes, there are a lot of
    studies showing that there’s no correlation between height, leg length or
    inseam and optimal crank length. I developed a biomechanical test which
    can determine crank length accurately. All you have to do is evaluate your
    flexibility limitations at full hip flexion and hip extension. The optimal
    length is the distance of your feet between these two limits.

  6. I fitted myself and never felt any knee pain I musthve done a pretty good

  7. At about 1.50 Si appears to be sporting the new GCN Belly-Top – will this
    be available for purchase?

  8. This awesome and true I’m on a fixed gear mtb with shocks but I still hit
    the speeds and maintain them longer everyday little by little I’m getting
    way better awesome. And no road tires 

  9. Guys, unfortunately i pulled my knee tendons on a cycle back in sept, and
    I’m still getting the odd pain – any chance you could do maybe an aftercare
    video for people who’ve already got injured and how to stop it from
    happening again?!

  10. I run Speedplay Zero pedals on all my bikes. They might not be for everyone
    due to the ‘floating on ice’ feeling. But i have not had a single problem
    with my knees since i swapped from Look Keos. I love how they don’t center
    and force your feet to a certain position. The cleats are a bit expensive
    but if you get Keep-On-Covers they last much longer and also add some
    traction when walking. If you have issues with your knees i really
    recommend them. Sorry for sounding like a fanboy but they’re great.

  11. Can you do a “How to take a natural, while riding”?
    Clearly for males only… but are bibshorts too constrictive? In longer
    races and sportive rides, should we avoid them to make the process easier?

  12. Aw man, I’m gonna have to stop watching GCN until Dan (Ex Cervelo test team
    rider; All around Boss) stops teasing me with that magnificent looking
    Canyon. My salivary glands are going nuts.

  13. Couldnt stop looking at Simon’s jersey turning into a boob tube when he’s
    sat down. 

  14. saying about insoles. is that all kind of sport(other than cycling)’s
    insoles are usable for cycling?.. or there is any specialist insoles for
    cycling?..or maybe any recommendation for cycling insoles? sport other than
    cycling example for running,futsal,badminton,ultimate frisbee.. Thanks

  15. Hey Dan, I bet you were in the big ring when your legs were spinning…
    like a boss!

  16. i get knee pain when i use high gear and trying to sprint, is that ok? i
    stop immediately and switch to lower gear, should i try to sprint further
    and see if my knees can handle that? 

  17. 1;53 in – Simon Cowell standing in for Simon Richardson #WaistlineFauxPas

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