25 thoughts on “Groningen: The World’s Cycling City”

  1. Amazing. GM & DaimlerChrysler would never allow this to happen in the US
    but Portland, Oregon is close as it gets I think.

  2. What an amazing place. I would definitely love to see some more of this
    thinking over here.

  3. @skyhobo of course cycling isn’t for every climate and every place on
    earth. There are other solutions to get rid of cars like public transport.

  4. Yeah, everyone in the video looks so angry, yelling at each other, ringing
    their bells loudly, wishing they couldn’t see each other so well…OK
    sarcasm off…What agenda are you trying to promote by ignoring the reality
    you(supposedly) watched in this illuminating little film? I should learn
    from the filmakers reply prior to mine and not even respond, but come on…

  5. There is also less background noise in the city due to less car traffic and
    less polution! Best city planning ever.

  6. As an avid cyclist, living in an extreme climate, where heavy snow and cold
    dominate for half the year, it would simply not be practical to have such a
    bicycling culture. Although I do cycle year-round, it requires a special
    winter bike equipped with spiked tires. When the temperature dips below -20
    Celsius, which is very common in the winter, special clothing is also
    necessary. As much as I would love a cycling utopia, I know that 95% of the
    population couldn’t physically manage it here 🙁

  7. You really are joking aren’t you? The cost of road repairs and
    infrastructure is a fraction of what it would be for cars. Everything about
    the city is cheaper because they don’t need to support such a giant cost in
    roads and planning for cars. I mean I know you have to be joking, that is
    why I am resisting writing paragraphs debunking this comment.

  8. Ultimate in bad city planning. Bicycle through the city center, 12 minutes.
    Car around the city, 30 minutes. if they had just allow cars through the
    city center, 3 min drive. And I have not even got to the cost of build the
    infrastructure required to sustain such a bicycle community.

  9. I’d like to give a special kind of facepalm to Joel Tay for his idiotic
    comment but at the same time I didn’t want to reply directly to him cause
    that’d only feed the troll/idiot… So I thought this was the best way to
    do so 😛 Just wanted to tell you guys from StreetFilms that I like your
    vids and subbed. It’s always good to see people from foreign countries
    giving you an insight on what they think of your country 🙂

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