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  1. Oh, Ive been almost 2 weeks in Wageningen Netherlands and I actually got a bicycle. The cycle lanes are just awesome here. You can literaly get anywhere on a bike. They even have cycle paths to every corner of the country. Ok the scooters and moped drive on the cycle lane, but they seem to be really in tune with the cyclists. The city center is off limits to cars. You really cant get anywhere with a car.

  2. Whoa…that’s a little TOO close. Good thing we have the 3 Foot Law in most parts of the US (though that doesn’t stop some drivers from being complete fools).
    Gosh…it’s like they’re intentionally trying to cause you to get into an accident!
    Out of curiosity, what do UK laws dictate about cycling (I might be moving over there in a few years)?

  3. Fuck Car drivers. They have no regard for cyclists in their “safe” little environment called car. I have been hit 3 times in the last year b/c of incompetent drivers. Next one will get a punch in the face!

  4. Keep in mind that cyclist pay road taxes as well. So do people without any transport. It is called you council tax. That disc on your windscreen in in keeping with sucessive govts. policy on “Let the Poluter Pay.” The VED is there to help fund the cleanup. Never wondered about A rated cars? As for swearing. I bet you would do it if some pratt nearly took the front of your car off. Cyclist get a little stressed when drivers casually put their lives at risk, just to be first to the lights.

  5. Actually, they tested this hypothesis in the States. Most US cops believed the same as you. Actual studies found that in all accidents recorded, 98% of them were caused by the car driver. You need to address that superior “I’m a good driver” outlook. You will kill somebody with it.


  6. you do know abou 90% of time its your fault, ride in the fucking bike lane, or the foot path, and you ride hell far away from the side of the road,

  7. “Keep in mind that drivers have to pay road taxes”

    I’m a driver and I don’t pay road taxes for my 2.0 diesel sports wagon. You I think you’ve confused road tax, which was abolished by Winston Churchill in 1936 with VED or Vehicle Excise Duty which is a tax on how polluting an engine you have. That’s what the tax disc is for. VED, not “Road Tax”.

    I hope this helps.

  8. if the roads are too small or narrow, it is better for cyclists to be in the middle. All you motorists just need to wait and overtake with enough distance.

  9. walking and cycling was the way to go before you lazy fat arses decided to have everything done for you

  10. Drivers don’t pay road tax, they pay vehicle emmissions duty (VED), a cyclist is not producing any emmissions so does not need to pay it as quite a few smaller cars are now exempt from payment. The tax that pays for our roads comes from the basic rate tax that you pay on your earnings. Hence if you have a job, cycle and do not own a car you are still paying for the up keep of the roads just like a car driver. So Caeron maybe you need to re-word your statement……..

  11. These drivers are absolutely ignorant and selfish, good video. Hope you were okay after all these incidents.

  12. Actually, cyclists don’t need permission in law to use the road – they use it by right.
    Only motor vehicles need permission, and it can be withdrawn if they don’t play nicely.

  13. Only if the driver of that car is as pig-headedly ignorant as you are.
    Your deliberate close passes are classed in law as ASSAULT, and you’ve even been stupid enough to admit to it in a public forum.
    It just goes to show that the ineducable should not be granted the privilege of driving a motor vehicle on the public highway, which cyclists enjoy the RIGHT to use, but motorists can only use under permit.
    Learn your place, and stay in it.

  14. That was pretty shocking when you see how close some of those cars were. Having a camera is a good idea, because if one of those pricks ever knock you down you got the evidence to prove they were driving dangerously by not giving you enough space. x

  15. What taxes do drivers pay?
    You might want to read the highway code, you don’t use your horn to tell people to move out of your way.
    I’ll stop swearing when people start driving safely.

  16. do you see the sign in the road at 0:48 ? that fucking sign means that cyclists are allowed to use the lane, so the cars have to deal with a bike in the middle of the lane

  17. Keep in mind that drivers have to pay road taxes. And he did honk his horn to inform you of their presence, as it states in the Highway Code to do so the last time I checked. It was a foolish and selfish move by him to overtake you under those circumstances, but you had plenty of time to give way but you didn’t. And try and stop swearing, it’s not nice for people around you to hear. Fair enough if you’re at home or with friends doing it, but not in public please. x

  18. It’s amazing how stupid drivers are … very good video this! I cycle in a rural area, but still get some idiots …

  19. Cyclists are selfish pricks?
    What about all those people in those 2 wide vehicles with only one person in them. I think they are the selfish pricks!

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