25 thoughts on “EK57 Allows Passenger To Exit Vehicle To Confront Cyclist For Turning Right On A Roundabout”

  1. Wow, I hope the police get to deal with him.

    I ride a push bike and a motorcycle and I have found that there is a lot of disrespect for smaller road users and there seems to be an increase in unwanted gestures and selfish driving.

  2. Lot of negative and gung-ho commenting here. I feel the need to say this. You negotiated roundabout well and avoided their recklessness well. You were completely right to avoid confrontation.
    The only time someone pulled over to tell me off (unjustifiably of course) I just kept with traffic and overtook them. It’s sensible, safe and does provide that minor victory. Shame the lights were red in your case.

  3. With this kind of abuse getting more common cyclists need advice about what to do if it happens to you. Having had something similar happen to me I would say:
    G1) get off your bike as soon as you’re approached
    2) Position your bike between you and an attacker
    3) Watch them trip over the bike while they try to go for you
    4) While they’re getting tangled in your bike, run over and nick their car keys. Throw these into a nearby bush
    5) Call the cops
    6) Use VIDEO on your phone to capture everything

  4. @hodsgod
    I don’t like it when cyclists RLJ, etc and have posted some incidents of this type of riding. Sadly it is all too common, I wish that were not the case as it only irritates everyone else, providing some with an ill-perceived justification to have a go at cyclists.

  5. @kmcyc Looks like you’ve made zltm089 remove all his video’s, lmao! Remove the evidence dickhead, that’ll work. Does he really think they’re gone for good? Hope he enjoys taking the bus to work, lol.

  6. @Techgeek390 This happened to me once and I did smack the guy.We fought.The police came and took us both to jail.I was released after 4 hours. That was long enough to make me late to work. I lost that job,and had to pay a $100. fine for fighting.I wish I had handled myself like the cyclist in the video.

  7. @TitchySherriTrifle well in that case you really should let this guy know who he is so he can tell the police. Clearly he isnt a “placid guy” really. Do the right thing

  8. @RantRaveReviews taxes go directly to the deficit and nothing else. The credit of the nation derives from the credit of the people who make up that nation. Money is not real, it is FIAT, and can only be backed by peoples signatures. People created the roads for the use of “travel”. Cars and trucks are “taxed” because they are property of the Queen, or of the State, if you live in U.S. If you look at your registration you will notice that you are not the owner of the property.

  9. i know this guy and he is no way like this normally, the cyclist must have provoked him somehow i dont know but this guy is normally quite a placid guy from what i know of him

  10. @Techgeek390 yes i can understand what you are saying and do completely agree almost. But there is prob about 5-10% of people who are gonna be meaner and harder than this ugly nob head who would probably have beat the living shit out of him. Thats the risk that that dickhead carries. If he makes a habit of acting all intimidating like that all the time he will eventually get seriously hurt or worse. I can guarantee.

  11. I wondered why the hell this’d happened and what his problem was.

    Then, I realised.

    *scrolls down page

    Location: Romford.

  12. @RantRaveReviews 1) Roads are paid for out of general taxation; vehicle excise duty (commonly known as “road tax”) goes straight to the Treasury. 2) If bicycles were taxed, they would be in Band A, as their emissions are practically zero. That means road tax would be free for bicycles.

    (Note that Band A includes a number of small cars and electric cars. Should drivers of those cars not be allowed on the roads until they pay “road tax”?)

  13. I don’t mean to sound horrible mate, but what exactly are you trying to achieve by finding out who he is? Even if the police find him they aint gonna do sod all; even if they did and it went to court he’ll only get a slap on the wrist from them.

    I know he looked like an horrible git, but the best thing you can do is man up… and if it happens again, headbutt him a couple of times with your helmet and drop him. THEN put it on youtube, a million hits later you’ll be every cyclists hero lol.

  14. @EvilUmpire how dare you quote the HC? kmcyc is obviously a GOD of them streets and nobody and I repeat nobody will tell the GOD what he can or cannot do.

  15. @kmcyc Do the Police investate videos like this? Drivin 30mph over the speed limit is an instant ban isn’t it?

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