The 38 years old David Millar, who used to be a professional cyclist is at present writing a book. Millar became 38 years old in January this year. No rider other than David Millar, has been able to become the winner of all the jerseys of Tour de France.

David Millar is the first British cyclist to become the winner of leader’s jersey in the three Grand Tours. David Millar used to ride for the French professional cycling team Cofidis and the American cycling team, Cannondale-Garmin.

He has said that his brand will revolutionise the perspective through which the sport of Cycling is viewed. David Millar retired from being a professional cyclist the year before in the month of September. But it would be wrong to assume that his life has become much slower. The success stories of Millar and even the controversies regarding him still persist. This year a book written by Millar will be launched.

The book is being considered to be diametrically opposite of his another book ‘Racing Through the Dark’ which was one of the bestsellers of the year 2011. In that book, Millar has written about everything there is to know regarding his doping scandal. Millar is also aiming at revolutionising the fashion industry. David Millar is also spending time with his family as much as he can. Millar has two sons, Harvey and Archibald, who were born in 2013 in the month of May.

David Millar spoke on London Bike Show which took place in 13th February. Before the show, he said that he does not know what to say there. The format of the show being that he would be asked questions to which he’d have to answer, he said with a grin that there’s nothing that can’t happen there. David Millar is known for the unpredictability of his replies. This quality makes a conversation with David Millar beyond any doubt, unique as well as very much engaging.