25 thoughts on “Cyclist speeds at 90kph on motorway after getting caught in the slipstream of a lorry”

  1. What do they mean; ‘gets caught in the slipstream’? You either get in it or you don’t. As a teenager, I used to slipstream buses to get to work on time as I was always late, jumping from one to the next as each one stopped. But that was 50 years ago!

  2. I do this once in a while. Not 90 kph though, maybe 50 or 60, but I tend to avoid it, when my rationality kick in, because, as mentioned before, if debris or potholes or whatever similar obstacles might happen to cross my path, there is a great chance of serious injury or death. Costly speed.
    Now I feel like getting me a helmet :-/

  3. He’s a total arse, being too close to the truck. However, what he and others don’t know, is that there’s a secondary slipstreaming spot about 15 metres behind a truck like that. I found that out the hard way, being stuck hundreds of miles from home in unexpectedly bad weather and no proper weather gear with me on my motorcycle. I slipstreamed many trucks on the way back home, in the secondary spot.

  4. When was the last time you saw a lorry driver ‘hit the brakes’. They never slow down, let alone stop.

  5. It will be no problem at all. He is much safer riding very close than at any distance. If the lorry brakes the cyclist applies his own brakes. If he cannot outbreak the lorry his front tyre will slow him safely against the lorry bumper. Staying further back would greatly increase the risk of an impact. The greatest danger is not from the lorry but from road debris or potholes. The cyclist has zero warning of such potentially fatal problems.

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