25 thoughts on “Cyclist Inconveniences Met Policeman BU60BZL”

  1. For anyone who is interested in this above you’ll also be interested in watching this: ‘The War on Britain’s Roads’

  2. Typical police driver. Do as I say not as I do. I see them flouting the law all the time. I saw one pulling into busy traffic (he was trying to turn right) while eating an apple. Imagine if he’d caught me pulling out one handed while eating my breakfast with the other. In my opinion, police drivers should be squeaky clean perfect. If they have the privilege of prosecuting other road users, their own driving should be perfect at all times.

  3. So, the copper was speeding, undertook, passed closely, went through an orange light, and went straight on in the right turn lane. If a cop was behind a car doing this, he would’ve certainly pulled the offending motorist. If the police officer has seen this video and is reading this then let me tell you that you should be ashamed of your driving/behaviour. It’s muppets like you that give all police drivers a bad name. Shame on you, and I hope you are appropriately dealt with by your superiors.

  4. This is an unbelievable attitude from a law enforcement officer. He undertook you and passed too close. You should road-safe him.

  5. Commentards like you give the general public a bad name. Take the time to look at some of my other videos please. I play by the rules and expect others to as well.

  6. Haha, total disregard of the law by the police officer, the safety of someone else isnt dictated by the driver, but by the law, silly policeman! also, something else which is noteworthy, his ‘principle’ is in the ASL when parked at the lights. Thought id mention it 🙂 Safe riding to you.

  7. Highway code states that you should give a cyclist as much room as you would give a car when passing. The officers attitude was out of order, where was the “polite and civil manner” that they are supposed to use when dealing with the public? The police are obligated to give their badge number when asked to. I hope you have taken legal advice about this and made an official complaint, that is unacceptable behaviour, especially as it looked like he was an armed unit! Could have easily been worse!

  8. Agreed, I’m not enormously impressed with that. Too close, too fast. And (unless I’m mistaken), driving off without a “good day” or a “ride safely” is particularly rude.

    A sensible policeman, of all people, would have waited behind the cyclist until he had the opportunity to move over to the left.

  9. Haven’t you got anything good to say about that comment??Cyclists like you give the rest a bad name. There are rules for everyone, not just motorists!!

  10. To those defending the police officer, ask yourselves: why did he move into the right hand lane so soon after undertaking? He could easily have remained in the left hand lane, accelerated away from the cyclist, and moved into the right hand lane with plenty of clearance. Whether he cut the cyclist up punitively or ignorantly, he should be reprimanded.

  11. just to mention it would have been a bad move to MOVE back into the bus lane considering he’d only just gone past a bus that was coming out and would have gone back into the bus lane which would have caused an obstruction to the bus.

  12. So on your point of the slower moving vehicle should cars work together to let me past when i am cycling faster than them but still within the speed limit. Because they don’t.

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