19 thoughts on “CyclingTraining Signals when training for cycling”

  1. Great video. Do the verbal cues or hand signals differ from region to region (i.e. UK vs NZ vs Canada?)

  2. I have been riding my road bike alone for almost a year now and so these pointers are great for me to know as I have seen other riders use these sinals much to my puzzlement and curiousity. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. One critical thing not mentioned is the distance for signalling. Too often I see inexperienced riders signalling pulling around an obstacle with just enough time for them to get their hands back on the bars – which as a result the causes or nearly causes an accident when the following rider is passing that signal down the bunch – as they should – but then has insufficient time to actually see the obstacle themselves, and manoeuvre safely.
    Signalling needs to be done with plenty of time, not 2s.

  4. Good point - Obviously some of the verbal calls will differ regionally. Thanks for the input

  5. when changing lanes to, for instance, avoid a parked car, the call is usually ‘over’ not ‘clear’. ‘Clear’ would normally be used when entering an intersection or roundabout, as in ‘clear right’ or just ‘clear’.

  6. Could you do a video about using lip pedals so how to clip your feet into spd sl anchors to get. Your feet out?

  7. Thanks for the feedback. Let us know what you’d like to see covered in the future.

  8. Great video as usual… I share all your videos with new riders new to the sport. Great information that is easy to learn from.

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