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  1. what training would ye recommend for an u12 cyclist in the national championships, ireland? im currently doing 4 training sesions a week, two of which are intervals, 1 is a long endurance cycle at the weekend (usually about 60km) and the last one was a recovery cycle but i now will probably do hill repeats instead. any advice would be great. thanks

  2. I am not a complete person without cycling. Through all the suffering, there is always the hope of the finish line that drives each pedal stroke. It will ALWAYS be worth it. Beautiful video.

  3. where are the helmets ?… in aus its illegal to ride without a helmet, but hey whatever floats youre boat!, crazy you come off a road bike and splat, i admire the balls, im a helmet man!!!

  4. ABSOLUTE AWSOME VIDEO…. congrats to MonstreduCiclisme!!! if football was hard, would be called cycling

  5. everybody knows we all have faults, failures, regrets so on. cycling is the hardest sports out there…evenan amatuer knows there is no such thing as a romantic pic of cycling that may be portrayed.its hard, uncomfortable and 99% going home and telling everyone I ended up in the bunch, chain broke, punctured or got blown out the back of bunch. if i have children i will point them in the direction of you Jan..MR JAN ULLRICH.. LEGEND! if you happen to see this video.Maith Thu!! great vid

  6. cycling is good for health, economy & environment! i wish all people in the world turn to cycling as much as possible if the distance to travel is not too far, instead of car, bus or train that surely pollute the air with their exhausts. cyclists are the pioneer environmentalists, me being one of them 🙂 all the best wishes to the cyclists around the world!

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