25 thoughts on “Cycling Survival 1 – How to cycle in the mountains – Climbing Technique”

  1. and a 4,000 dollar bike helps, we need a vid like this rockin’ a fixie through san fran

  2. @titanium1228

    i know you did not address that comment to me, but i am going to respond anyway as a mtb racer. the right answer is: “it depends”. use hard gears when climbing out of the saddle then spin when you are in the saddle. when it is loose over hardpack, i like to spin to avoid losing traction. however, climb out of your saddle to give your other muscles a rest and use different muscle in that way you give those “spinning muscles” a time to catch up with nutrient and oxygen loading

  3. @kjbarca10717 i wonder why. Always look at when it was uploaded before you make a comment like that.

  4. do you have any preference on the kind of clits that you use? im trying to buy some, but there are so many kinds!!its like buying cereal!! Last week I saw a new movie, “Discover the Gift”, which talks about being true to yourself and do whatever you do best giving 100% all the time. your video remind me of it! I loved it! u should check it out!! facebook. com/discoverthegift

  5. @titanium1228 just do what’s natural to you. try some different gears, and just feel comfortable.

  6. hello there. cycle film.

    i have a question for you… i ride and train almost every day on mountains. but i use a mountain bike.
    my question. is. should i go for heavy gear. or should i use the spinning technique

    i just want to improve myself. on hill clibs. any suggestions

  7. what training would ye recommend for an u12 cyclist in the national championships, ireland? im currently doing 4 training sesions a week, two of which are intervals, 1 is a long endurance cycle at the weekend (usually about 60km) and the last one was a recovery cycle but i now will probably do hill repeats instead. any advice would be great. thanks

  8. @cyclefilm I like to use my highest gears but couldnt that have an affect on your knees after awhile?

  9. @BrundukasLT

    Your feet could be stuck inside the strapped pedals.It’s more easy disengage the feet if you use clipless pedals.

  10. @Lax1996chris
    Exactly .it’s also called pedaling “in cercle”
    Very efficient technique when pushing a big gear ou climbing mountain but you can use it all the time.It’s not an intuitive technique so you need to practice.You can use strapped pedal too to obtain the circle effect but I don’t recommand it because straps are dangerous if you need to stop in a hurry.

  11. I just do 300 watts 90rpm. North of 90 I tend to lose some efficiency tested when I got tired faster at level 14 96rpm (breathing a bit more, legs jelly) than level 15 90rpm trying to make 300 watts on a Gym Bike.
    I take a triple chainring and hardly ever get out of the saddle apart from to relieve soreness. For me, standing works best at 60-70 rpm otherwise I can’t transfer weight over fast enough and absorb power in the other leg.

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