25 thoughts on “CYCLING FOR WEIGHT LOSS OR RUNNING FOR WEIGHT LOSS? Which one is better?”

  1. Thanks for this…cycling has freed me from horrible arthritic pain…along
    with carving the fruit up!

  2. pls give me a perfect cycling routine for a track sprinter ( 100 ) sprinter
    .. i love to jog for endurance but because im often on my toes pound
    sprinting my calve is always on fire and it burns to stretch this calve
    muscle often and goes on my nerves… perfect tips pls .. well thought
    through .. thx

  3. Your body contains the hormone which controls 100% capability to burn fat,
    it is Leptin. To losing fat effectively, you must understand the way to
    speed up your metabolism. 

  4. Well said. I shall be biking after watching this and if you like, send you
    a before and after picture. thank you. 

  5. It would be a shame for you not to burn fat when other normal people
    accomplish it easily using Fat Blast Furnace (search for it on google).

  6. The muscles used in cycling are very different from other sports. Thats why
    cyclists that do distance who try marathons cannot do them. 

  7. Only if cycling is done properly, with clip-in shoes and high cadence. I
    know people who start off with cycling and go heavy gears and hurt their

  8. I think swimming is the best for your body just sayin if you do the sets I
    do lol

  9. I would say kickboxing or similar martial arts is even better than cycling
    for weight loss. Sure cycling is good for the energy consumptions by the
    big leg muscles but with kickboxing you will be using your legs plus a lot
    of upper body muscles. But I do agree on running while being overweight, I
    started running at 140kg/310lbs which damaged my hip.

  10. Don’t Know which one helps you lose more fat, but cycling definitely is as
    effective as running. I tried running but couldn’t! It was kind of boring
    and it took toll on my knees. Then I started cycling, I try to cycle fast
    so as to keep my heart rate high, which helps in calorie/weight/fat loss
    and no damage to my body.

  11. I wish I saw this video 4 years ago. I’m a big guy, and was dedicated to
    running. 300+ lbs and jogged 5-8mi a day 6 days a week. Lost 70lb in 3
    months. And tore a hamstring, feet always hurt and knees were obliterated.
    I probably had stress fractures like whoa. I’m going to try cycling to save
    what’s left of my knees :(

  12. My coworkers laughed when i told them i was going to loose weight with
    skinnimaker system, but them i showed them a result. go google skinnimaker
    system to see their reaction. (it was epic!)

  13. well i would say that when you run you use your whole body, not just your
    leg like when you ride a bike, so in one way it doesn’t matter cause you
    will lose more since you are moving the same amount the different is that
    you don’t get your whole body weight on your legs when you run but on the
    saddle that you sit on when you ride the bike. so you run maybe shorter but
    while using the whole body you burn many calories by doing so, so how can
    ride a bike makes you lose more weight? since you will get a lot of muscle
    in your leg but not that much over your whole body like you would get from
    running. but i’m not an expert but saying that riding a bike for 30 min
    (example) will make you lose more weight then run for 30 min, no i don’t
    believe that since you use your whole body so you burn calories all over
    the body. please don’t hate this is just what i think and i don’t want to

  14. Using caloric expenditure charts, I burn the same calories either way.
    Jogging is more aerobic (get out of breath); cycling more anaerobic (my
    legs fatigue). Fat is burned by aerobic glycolysis so running will burn
    more fat.
    HOWEVER, if you like cycling more than running (cycling is more
    interesting!), then use a lower gear, higher cadence to increase
    aerobic utilization. 

  15. Just noticed a lot of comments relating to time running or cycling as
    opposed to intensity. From experience 3-4 20 minutes sessions per week
    worked for me. This was cycling, sprint for a minute, easy for a minute.
    Just the 20 minutes and the afterburner ripped off about 20 kgs

  16. Love your style. With old injuries, ageing body & arthritis the cycle is
    the way to go for this black duck of 52yrs plus. Use to run, row, weights
    etc, but the cycle is great for min impact.

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