17 thoughts on “Cycling Descent – Highway / Dual Carriagway at 53mph – 85.5km/h”

  1. I have found out that its usually yourself that creates the speed wobble!! Believe it or not but because you tense up and grip the bars more tightly you tend to start with a little wobble then you will over correct it…best method is to go “rag doll”…just relax and let the front wheel steer the bike straight? Worked for me

  2. Is that the new Bodmin by pass? Sick, good speed have you tried Averton Gifford hill towards Kingsbridge?

  3. It might be spoke about to go, tyre out of balance, or a speedometer magnet that’s too heavy? I used to get a lot of wobble from my last wheels, after I changed them the bike was fine.

  4. Nice – Id like to let my bike do the max speed but have had two instances of speed wobbles – never fell off or anything but they are not nice. I think I know how to deal with them now – lift ass off sadle and clamp crossbar with both knees – worked on my second speed wobble (a minor one in fairness) Had no clue how to deal with my first seed wobble (very severe) so just rode it out.

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