25 thoughts on “Cycling Cinema – 15 min – Beginners Class – Kristian”

  1. Got new spinner bike This was a great start to my attempt to get fit. Buy
    the best bike you can afford the heavier the better. They are a lot more
    stable and make you feel safe.Thanks Kristian More please

  2. haha! he has great carisma! makes you feel like you could do the “Tour de
    France” in a morning with him 

  3. This instructor is very good! I don’t do organized spinning classes, but I
    have heard a lot of spinning instructors doing their classes when I am
    working out at the gym. (I do my own on-and-off the saddle biking exercises
    by myself, though).

  4. … i am trying to loose 20 pounds by spinning but i dont know what best
    techniques ?? ‘

  5. THis was GREAT! and you are one of the best instructors I’ve watched in a
    while I love your witty puns, but I too am wondering where your full videos
    are, as the facebook link is blocked

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