Alberto Contador, one of the most popular and accomplished cyclists in the world, has come up with a great performance to start 2013 with a winning note. The champion cyclist continued with his performance of last year when he won the prestigious title of Mirador del Sol. The cyclist registered a great win with a performance of the life time. He led the race right from the beginning like a champion as he gave no chance to any of his challengers any chance to get better of him. This win has been his first prestigious win of this year 2013.

The humble-natured champion of this world class championship showed his gratefulness to his fellow team mates. Right after receiving the championship, Alberto Contador thanked his team mates in sincere words but he did not forget to mention that the team needs to work harder in the time to come. Obviously, the champion cyclist eyed the forthcoming championships like Tour de France and World Championships. He thanked all his team mates to support him and getting him ready in every possible manner to face the tough challenge in winning the championship in the form of Mirador del Sol.

Revealing his future plans, Alberto said that he would take rest for while and then start his preparations for the forth-coming world championship. He said that his next target is La Carolina where he would face the similar conditions which he had to face there. He also expressed a little concern over adding a few extra pounds of weight in his body. However, he showed confidence of getting rid of this extra weight before he appears for La Carolina. His determination is quite evident which has increased manifold after this grand win. Alberto Contador is all set to continue with his performance later during the year as well.