25 thoughts on “Challenger Approachin​​​​​​​g​: Pokemon Emerald – Cycling Road (PurpleRodr​​i)”

  1. Hey Rodri I have found out that the fastest possible time you can get on this is 9.15 seconds and I was looking at the video responses and alot of people (including me) got 9.15 seconds???

  2. I have an idea for a challenge!
    How about Zelda Spirit Tracks who can get the most points in sword training in Hyrule Castle?

  3. @CaptainForestFalcon Yes, yes there are. xD He’s gonna just have to pick the first person who did it. =P

  4. Hey Rodri, how bout seeing who can get the most bounces off of 1 power bounce in paper mario? 😀

  5. @DM4573r like i said u can’t b hacker because u can make any hack just because you can’t find one on google search doesn’t mean its not possible

  6. Just to let you guys know the highest possible score you can get is 9.15.
    Trust me I know..tried like 100 times and all I got was 9.15.
    There’s going to be a lot of winners…unless someone somehow gets 9.14.

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