Millar may join British squad

Well, Millar was not really available for a comment on the top news that again he would be entitled to ride for the Great Britain in Olympic Games. Recently, David Millar had told that the speculation regarding the court of arbitration for sport suit had led to a huge amount of care coming his way suddenly, and his Twitter account called for that no single one ask him or even his sister – who has previously pretended as his spokesperson – regarding the affair.

His sister Fran, who works at Team Sky that could not utilize her brother as of its broad ban on previous dopers, told something very similar via her Twitter account, saying that she is “immensely proud” of David Millar, her brother.

There is a straight symmetry in David Millar’s possible come back in the 2012 Olympic Games wave, for in 2004 this was in the run-up to Athens where he was caught by the police of French as a part of a probe in the Cofidis team.

Millar’s creed that he had practiced EPO the last year, as well as in the year 2001, put him out of the game for 2 years, even as Millar was beginning to work with Great Britain team – he had begun being trained in the year 2004 by Peter Keen, having decided to race “clean” before he was caught – with a view to racing on track and on the roads in Athens. Millar’s personal introduction as an anti-doping candidate, as well as co-founder of Garmin team that has anti-doping as one of their key rules, make emotional resonances all the stronger.


David Millar the British cyclist is known for both known for famous and infamous reasons. Being the only British cyclist to have worn all the jerseys of tour de France and also one of the four to have worn the yellow jersey, he has been suspended more than once for using banned performance enhancing drugs. He has won a number of time trial championships, topped the prologue of tour de France and other cycling meets. On 2004 he was arrested for doping and was banned for the following 2 years. Other than this he was also banned from taking part in the Olympics.

The comeback of David Millar occurred in the year 2006 and he took part in that year’s tour de France. Though he couldn’t make a stand in that year’s tour de France, he managed to win a time trial at the 2006 Vuelta a Espana. After this his performance began to improve with each race and he got back the form he had before being suspended. He recorded his first win in two years after winning the stage twenty time trial in Vuelta. David kept up his winning spree by finishing third in the prologue of 2010 tour de France and won the gold in that year’s commonwealth games in time trial and bronze in  road race.

David Millar is suffering a lifetime Olympic ban after he admitted to doping. Though the World Anti-Doping Agency said that the ban is unenforceable it is being challenged by the British Olympic Agency. He confessed on air that he had used performance enhancing drugs during 2001 edition of tour de France. Even if the ban is lifted David isn’t sure whether he will perform in Olympics any more though he is eager to perform in 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.