With most pro cyclists being busy in training, the news of Froome’s recent collision has triggered much concern about the safety of bikers practicing on open roads.

Most have advised caution as well as sparked memories of the recent deaths that have occurred to pro and amateur cyclists recently. This might be troubles of the sport where avoiding the open roads can be unavoidable and leaves cyclists at the mercy of the drivers of cars and buses. However, the social media has now become channels through awareness is being sought by people driving who need to be respectful of cyclists and bikers so that such collisions and crashes can be avoided as much as possible.

There is much being anticipated as Tour de France 2017 comes round the corner, to begin on 1st July 2017. Many publications about the cycling community like Cyclingnews, BikeRadar and ProCycling have put together a guide of the tour of this year along with other necessary information.

There is a souvenir pack made available for the participants and followers that would contain a 220 page long guide of the tour along with profiles of every team and their members, maps of the different stages, stats of different riders, interviews, analytical reports and other interesting trivia. For those who wish to follow the tour with every detail there is a wall chart includes here one can fill in the details of the stage winners and jersey holders. There is also a history book of the tour that includes extracts from previous publications. What sums up the souvenir pack are classic images shot of the different tours that help complete the fandom for this epic cycling tour. If you are planning to be part of this tour as a viewer or follower, you can find these packs available on sale online at select portals.